Photographs by Lorne Gould
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Under a tree in High Park

The Bees Knees

Carribana (Toronto)

Carribana (Toronto)

Carribana (Toronto)

A Clown Frown

Belly Dancing in Atlanta

Behind the Quilt

Opening up


Red Lace

Rising up in the morning

Naked at Sunset

Red Green and Blue Nudes

Shawl and Pine

Pow Wow at Wikwemikong

Relaxing au naturel

Birch Island Pow Wow


'Man of the forest'

Torso stretch

Relaxing in the hammock

Naked yoga

Chilling out

Bathed in winter sunlight

Standing naked

Meditating naked

Two Torsos

Fetal position

Hiding nothing

Ben Dover

The sweetness of your embrace

Naked Eye Gazing

Woman with lantern

Cold outside; warm inside

Beautiful curves

Sleepers awake

Nice hat

Being playful

Looking up

Reclining nude

Woman in furs

A little pregnant