Photographs by Lorne Gould
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The Acropolis (Athens)

Toronto Skyline

Amsterdam Railway Station

Shivaratri (Benares)

Temple Carving (Benares)

Walk to the Ganges (Benares)

Benares Backstreet Cows

Shiva Garden

Sleeping on an Indian Train

In a Benares Temple

Temple Submerged (India)

In the Alley (Benares)

Tibetan Gompo (Darjeeling)

Greek Honour Guard

Buddhist Stupa - Kulu Valley

Festival Day in Hyderabad

Returning from Iraq

Konarak Temple India

Konarak Temple India

Temple Detail India

Temple Carving India

Madurai Temple India

Madurai Temple India

Kulu Valley India

Tibetan Stupas Kulu Valley

Nepalese Vendor

Temple Dog Kathmandu Nepal

Annapurna in Nepal

Himalayan Dwelling

Puja in Kathmandu Nepal

A Pagoda - Kathmandu Nepal

Kathmandu Pagoda

Tibetan Prayer Wheel Nepal

Hanging out in Rajasthan

Camel caretaking in Jaisalmer

Cooking supper in Rajasthan

Desert teabreak in Rajasthan

A local Rajasthani instrument

Beautiful Rajasthani threads

A house in Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Family at the Indian shrine

Rajasthani Stonemason

Rajasthani Desert Jamming

Rajasthani Construction season

Indian Billboard Advertising

Foil-covered Indian Shrine

Grain merchant in Jaipur

A Jaisalmer family

Rajasthani Buddies

Ramaswarem Temple Column

Ramaswarem ceiling fresco

Threshing grain in Nepal

Tibetan temple in Darjeeling

Turkish morning

Rock carving - Manali India

Nepali girls

Rock painting Manali India