7 AM, December 31st
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Peace Messages from Around the World

Lisa, England
Wishing everyone present here today and everyone present on the planet a 2014 that is filled with peace, happiness and health.

Barbara Schreiner-Trudel, Toronto
I wish to invite all of your members to share in the peace and unity we will create together.

Dorji Nyeljorma, Bhutan
I pray that we all realize soon a very peaceful mind.

Shyama, India
May compassion and peace be shared by everyone around the world.

Paul, Arizona USA
God/Goddess bless you and this event.

Lisa, Israel
Let us remember John and Yoko and all their serious silliness in the name of World Peace. Two spirits that are with you today and their simple message "IMAGINE PEACE". Blessings all around.

Lorne, Toronto
From the hearts of everyone who attends this World Healing Event, to the soul of everyone who shares this planet with us, we hope that your world will be filled with peace, health, love and compassion. "There is no evil in the life of one who holds the sun in their heart."

Lydia, Russia
We welcome you who are rising up in the single planetary spiritual work of World Brotherhood, ministers and people of good will, uniting Humanity on Earth ... This union is already happening despite all the contradictions and differences in political and economic issues. They are only the external forms of human difficulties and collective identities of countries. They can not overshadow the inner sunlight of the Soul of each nation.

Linda, Hong Kong
The sage says: The wise are active; The virtuous tranquil; The wise know happiness; The virtuous longevity. When wisdom and benevolence reign, The world will be at peace.

Chris, Bhutan
As Wind carries our prayers for Earth and all life, may respect and love light our way. May our hearts be filled with compassion for others and for ourselves. May peace increase on Earth. May it begin with me.