7 AM, December 31st
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2013 Program Notes

28th Annual World Healing Event
Tuesday, Dec. 31st, 2013 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM
St. Lawrence Hall, 157 King Street East, Toronto

6:30 Song-Praying for Peace, Paul Chaput
6:35 Welcome, Howard Jerome
6:40 Messages from around the globe, Lorne and Tamara
6:45 Dona Nobis Pacem/Amazing Grace, Peace in the Beach
6:55 Guided Meditation, Ananda Shakti
7:00 Silent Meditation, All
7:10 Candle Lighting/Alleluia, All
7:20 Musical Interlude, L*O*V*E Power
7:40 Where do we go from here?, Tamara Penn
7:50 Peace Message, Lorne Gould
7:55 Closing remarks, Tamara Penn
8:00 Let there be Peace on Earth, All

This event is a project of the Universal Light Centre, a Canadian registered charity ( for more information). This event is produced entirely by unpaid volunteers and with donations of time and money from businesses and individuals. We give receipts for income tax purposes for donations over $25


Freda Kemp:
Lorne Gould:


We are thankful for the generous contributions and support by:
Universal Light Centre
First Byte Software Inc.
Sananda Yoga Centre
Whites Digital Sales & Service, 416-467-7700
Freda Kemp, Steve Fruitman, Lorne Gould, Tamara Penn, Eric Hellman, Pearl Yaffe


Master of Ceremonies: Howard Jerome
Meditation: Ananda Shakti
Speakers: Tamara Penn, Lorne Gould
Penny Winestock, Piano, Percussion and Vocals
Lorne Gould, Alto Flute
Helen Bauer, Vocals
Arturo Ricardo Mundigo Schorr: Flute, Percussion, Vocals
Ananda Shakti, Vocals
Shambunata, Drums
Premadasa, Strings
Adikanda, Vocals
Aerin Fogel, Vocals
Niranjan, Bass

PEACE the 21st

Peace the 21st is a powerful and effective event for enhancing world peace. Join millions around the world in a united effort to achieve peace and wellbeing on our planet. Groups have been gathering in more than 30 countries at 7:00 PM local time on the 21st day of March, June, September and December since 1984. Peace the 21st events take whatever form suits the group or individual involved. Join us for the next event on Friday, March 21st, 2014


Peace in the Beach will perform Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant us Peace) combined with Amazing Grace, as arranged by Penny Winestock.

Penny Winestock, M.Sc. is a Psychotherapist and Jewish Shamanic Healer, whose work is informed by a wide range of spiritual, cultural, and psychological traditions. She specializes in helping people repair their emotional and spiritual bodies, especially those with physical health issues. Artists, healers, and others who are committed to creative expression, are a particularly good match for Penny's therapeutic expertise. For more info:,

Helen Bauer is a vocalist, early childhood music and movement educator, and certified laughter yoga teacher. Her life mission is to raise the happiness quotient on the planet. Both her years of vocal training and 17+ years as an educator combine to bring magic, fun and expertise to her laughter yoga classes, helping people connect with that beautiful childlike spirit, a gift that is truly accessible to all of us (

Lorne Gould can be heard in Toronto-based jazz and rock bands (, on sax and flute. He also spends time working on business or internet programming for his software company, First Byte (, developing new titles for his publishing company, Emanation Press (, or co-facilitating (with Penny Winestock) Tantric Fire retreats (

Arturo Ricardo Mundigo Schorr is a social worker and family counsellor in both public and private practice (google "arturo mundigo psychology today" for more information), a contact improvisation dancer and a wondering trovadeur. He has been spending significantly more time in recent years exploring the healing power of sound, movement and touch.

Tamara Penn, RIHR MBW, a professional Rebirther, is a charter member of the International Rebirthing Centre. She is considered to be an "Urban Shaman". As founder of Seminars of D'Light, she seeks the cutting edge with people and organizations, and is dedicated to personal and global transformation, in Canada, the UK, & other countries around the world.(

L*O*V*E* POWER is a collection of Yoginis, Yogis and Visionaries, who came together in 2011 to support the higher-realm-charged Soul Songs of Ananadashakti. L*O*V*E POWER's music has been performed throughout world in sacred spiritual spaces, from Goddess temples in India and Healing Centres in Brazil to Yoga Studios in North America. Our passion is to awaken the power of L*O*V*E*, and through our interactive music, invite each person to experience that they are the Holy Song.

Anandashakti ( is a yogini, musician, and karmic reader, whose vision is to share the Power of Love through music.

Shambunata, the drummer, is a tantric yogi and musician assisting people from around the world in the mastering their inner reality.

Premadasa is living. He is also practicing, studying, and teaching yoga and ayurveda. Music was his yoga before he knew what yoga was. He plays mainly strings but they aren't attached to anything...aum.

An intuitive songwriter, poet and founder of the Canadian/Ugandan initiative, the Nggaali Project, Adikanda is a practitioner of cellular healing offering readings, spiritual counseling and alchemical music and song.

Aerin Fogel,who lives in Toronto,does astrology,karmic readings, plays music, and writes; her solo project is called Midheaven.

Niranjan is a Social Worker, yogi and baby Shaman who has been playing music in various outfits since 1997 and now currently holds the groove down with L*O*V*E POWER on bass.